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Journalism Portfolio

As an individual who finds joy in both artistic expression and analyzing our world, I am an aspiring student journalist and anchor. My career aspirations include pursuing broadcasting, producing, and writing. I invite you to dive into some of my recent projects.

Filming in a Studio
NSLC Broadcast, July 2023

While attending the National Student Leadership Conference on the Broadcast Journalism track I got selected to anchor our final project newscast. It was an incredible experience and I was honored to be awarded the NSLC "Best Anchor" award for my performance on screen. 

Teen Times, July 2023

I got the opportunity to experience a "newsroom simulation" at NSLC. This video is a product of the 'fake' events that occurred of which we got to report on as if they were real news. This simulated news video that I created earned an NSLC award for "Best Video" and "Best Branding".

Photography Portfolio

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