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Family, career, and social media success: the ultimate juggling act.

We live in a digitally connected culture, so for local side-gig expert LaChelle Wieme, this means embracing online business and a global community, all while finding balance and staying on track with her well-being.

LaChelle Wiemme, a Byron native, started an online business 5 years ago. She brought her storefront to social media not long after to boost business. Now she shares her life with others while getting the opportunity to share her values, knowledge, and guidance to people all over the world with her side-gig coaching program and podcast.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with LaChelle and learn more about what it is she does, and how she balances an anesthesia career, a family, and an online business. She shared that she has found through her business journey that social media can be used for so many great things, but with reward always comes risk.

The commitments and pressure that come with running a business on social media require massive amounts of planning and attention. Shortly after beginning her social media journey, LaChelle began noticing her screen time was rapidly increasing and that her kids were constantly asking her to get off her phone. Alongside being a nurse anesthetist at Mayo, she knew things needed to change.

It took up her life because it is necessary to share other parts of yourself and your life aside from just your business to stand out on social media. LaChelle shares, “when you put yourself out there on social media and you are genuinely trying to teach people how you can serve them and who you are as a person, they are going to choose you.”

She knew there must be a better way to use her time, so she searched for advice and got organized. She began using tools to pre-schedule her content and share her clear messaging so it could all run smoothly in the background, allowing her to still share her creativity while spending less time on her phone.

Thanks to planning tools and her experience, LaChelle can plan a year's worth of content in one weekend and now runs a course teaching others to be effective and efficient in their social media planning. She says, “I don’t have to choose between growing my business online and having healthy boundaries and a family, I can do both.”

Because of this, social media has opened up a whole new world of community outreach for people like LaChelle and has been a game-changer for building strong online relationships.

By setting healthy and intentional boundaries and letting everything else run in the background, LaChelle has been able to maintain healthy and balanced well-being while managing her social media business. Social media is a tool with multiple ends, but LaChelle proves that it can be used for many amazing things. It is up to us to use the world of social media the right way.

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