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More Social, Less Media for 2022

Here are a few tips from my New Year’s playbook to help you enjoy this upcoming year to the fullest.

This New Year's season we can expect gatherings to be back to normal, which is a huge sigh of relief for someone like me who looks forward to family and friends the minute we part after Christmas.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is family, and in the past 22 months, there hasn’t been as much of that as I’m used to. Because I am sure that others are in the same boat I hope that this year can be special, but that can’t happen if all we are worried about is a snap streak or Instagram post, or even Facebook friends.

As cliche as it sounds, in 2022 I am challenging myself, and everyone who reads this, to ditch social media’s sphere of influence. You don’t have to disappear completely, but maybe consider a few of these “off the grid” tips to help you live in the moment instead of your phone as we enter the new year:

  1. Clean your slate:

The biggest culprit of locked attention to social media is the endless stream of people in your feed. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this. Try going through the people you follow or have added on snap and ask yourself if it is necessary to have them on your feed. Don't feel bad cleaning them out. Reducing the number of things that pop up on your feed can significantly reduce your scrolling hours.

  1. Be Mindful:

When using social media platforms, it is easy to get swept up away in a never-ending flood. The best way to keep yourself from falling into a trap is to be mindful of what you are on a platform to accomplish. Try and stay away from going on apps to stalk other people and compare their holiday vacation to yours. Be aware of your thoughts and have an intention when posting or checking up on friends. Never reach to social media for mindless entertainment.

  1. Set Goals:

It is important that you create boundaries for yourself. Set time limits, guidelines, and even establish hours of the day when you don’t go on your phone. Do you really need your phone at Grandma’s? Memories are made playing games, not surfing Facebook, so consider leaving the device in your coat pocket.

You can try it out for a week or two, but if you find your time off the grid refreshing, I encourage you to practice these things year-round. So often our nose to the phone is responsible for making us miss out on the things happening around us.

By taking breaks from your socials year-round you can become less stressed, more relaxed, and overall happier. I have used “off the grid” social media practices for over a year now, and it has changed my life.

We have been detached from family and friends throughout COVID for far too long, so this year don’t let a snap score come between you and the well overdue New Year’s celebrations now that things are looking up.

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